After a long wait and mix reactions, now likoni sub-county listed beneficiaries are receiving their packages. I know there have been challenges here and there mostly brought a high level of expectations from long lists made by village elders and Balozis earlier before the formation of our Sub-county Committee.

The truth of the matter is that the initial lists of beneficiaries were a total of 81000 households and the allocated food for this first phase is only 11367 to be distributed to needy and affected families among the 5 wards in Likoni sub-county.

Just to give further analysis, the 11367 households is distributed in the following format and we considered the poverty index, volatility, and population. Timbwani ward was allocated 3000 households, Shikaadabu ward 2200 households, Mtongwe ward 2167 households, Likoni ward 2000 households, and Bofu ward 2000 households respectively. As per our plan, we agreed to distribute it in the same order above.

Yesterday we successfully received 3000 packages for our first destination, Timbwani ward. We had a challenge in some of the distribution centers like licodep hall where expected beneficiaries were only 1250 but over 5000 showed up. We stopped the process immediately and strategized for a clear way. To make the story short, trouble comes when communities have expectations that cannot be met. The intention of the Covid 19 response team is to ensure each and every family /household gets the food but the challenge is there is no enough food to be distributed at once. At the same time, we cannot keep the food for long for obvious reasons. The food will come in phases so we must enlighten our communities to understand this.

We call upon members of the public to calm and give an opportunity for a clear process. The reason as to why we requested the County Committee to allow Likoni sub-county distribution done during day time is to ensure the process is peaceful, fair, Transparent and of accountability to all. This trying moment calls for fairness and we encourage communities to embrace the spirit of sharing, Sharing with those closest to us including Neighbors, friends, and partners. Leo umepata, mfikirie jirani nae kesho akipata akufikirie. Together we shall defeat COVID 19.


Manyatta Youth Entertainment CBO Executive Director at the Capacity of the Coast CSOs Network Coordinator is part of the Mombasa Country Committee on COVID 19 response; A very strategic team that extends it's support in developing plans to ensure the Food distribution for vulnerable groups affected by the directives on CoronaVirus disease battle.

As an Organization, we are as well honored to represent CSOs at the Likoni Sub-county Response committee on COVID 19. We are devoted to supporting the government efforts in winning against the Pandemic. 

We are committed to further mobilize resources that will go along way in adding more food and Sanitizers for communities including the reformed youth in conflict with the law. 

Ujamaa Market Sitakimya Outreach

The community members living around Ujamaa Market in Likoni had an opportunity of engaging with our theatre team and were sensitized on RAPE and other related issues. The event gave a platform for dialogue that enhanced learning at the end..!!!

Public Accountability forum

We partnered with Sauti ya wanawake Pwani reaching out to 50 women both young and old from Likoni constituency on public accountability. We sensitized the participants on the public funds available with the new system of government, the corruption cases that occur on community projects and public offices and the role of women in fighting corruption. Our theatre arts team performed a skit that demonstrated corruption cases on both bursary funds allocation and fresh water projects in likoni constituency. The skit provoked a heated discussion that enhanced learning to the entire forum attendants.

International Youth Day Celebrations 2014

MAYE Staff, Volunteers and Interns were privileged to be part and parcel of this very important day for the youths in Mombasa county and also internationally 12th August, 2014. We exhibited all our achievements, products and programs for youth, women and vulnerable children engagement year 2013- 2014. It was great to have leaders and youths visit our desk for information. We are proud of the rich talents owned by the youth..!!

Cleaning up the Shimba Hills National reserve

It was an opportunity of a lifetime for our team to participate in cleaning up the Shimba Hills National reserve leaving a better home for the wonderful wild animals that bring beauty and fortune to our country Kenya. Having love for the big elephant and many more is a blessing from God. Let us love our nature so that it can love us in return..! Congratulations Shimba Hills Support group and Youth Shift Africa, well wishers and all that supported this noble activity. We are proud..!!

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