{tab 1.   Peace Building and Conflict Management



    In which we encourage management of conflicts in a non-violent way such as community dialogues and push for alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. We encourage a mutual relationship between the community and security organs through police reforms and respect of the rule of law.

    {tab 1.       Democracy and human rights



    Where we push for Social Accountability, leadership and Integrity, inclusion of youth and women in decision making at county and national level and empower the community on citizen participation, constitution and constitutionalism for realization of the sovereign Power.

    We deal with Gender equality, equity, mainstreaming and campaign to end violence against women through a program on Young women and men initiatives that bring together youths of the same sex and gender discussing issues that affect them in reference to the opposite sex and gender. Also campaign on governance issues, civic education and devolution processes especially youth and women involvement in Governance and devolution. Encourage citizen and public participation among youth and women.

    Theatre and Community Outreaches

    Theatre art is one of our key modes of communication to the community. We do this through traditional dances, skits and choral verse. The Theatre Team does perform both in governmental and local functions. This is where youths from the community get the opportunity to understand and nurture their talents. They are then trained to transform their talents into an income generating activity rather than only entertainment. Youths are then encouraged to value their talents as employment in order to be independent. It is through this department where we support and promote the rich culture of different communities in Kenya. This is well illustrated through traditional exhibitions, fashion shows, Cultural festivals and talents explosions organized in partnership with other stake holders. Through this department is where most of our facilitators got their courage to speak at sessions and events. This is a department that directly engages the community and represents the public relations and communication with our beneficiaries.


    • We are highly accepted by our beneficiaries who include Youths, Women and Vulnerable children especially in Likoni sub county where we implement more of our programs.
    • We are highly recognized by the Government through the local administration and have a good working relationship with other partners under the Counter Violent extremism- CVE Network in Mombasa and Coast as a whole.
    • We are a member Kenya Network for Educative Theatre- KNET, a theatre based network in Kenya that brings together all youth organizations that use Theatre arts as one tool of communication.
    • We have policy Manual documents in place such as Financial Manual, M and E framework, Volunteers manual etc. that guides our internal controls and management though we still have room in operationalizing them.
    • We manage an office that is directly opposite the Sub county headquarters or Deputy county commissioner’s offices in Likoni Sub County.
    • We have entered into working partnerships with relevant organizations both local and international. 


    • Inadequate office space to host youths who seem to be far more than the capacity we can hold. Our center can only host around 15 youths at a time a fact that forces us to hold meeting and forums at nearby schools or at open space. We cannot access the schools during week days and also becomes a challenge during rainy seasons.
    • In adequate skilled expertise in both management and implementation of programs.
    • In adequate resources to reach a vast area and a good number of our beneficiaries i.e Out of Likoni sub county for most of our programs and also to run our daily activities.
    • Lack of skills and experience in developing a working strategic plan for our programs and operationalizing the other policy documents.
    • We have experienced youths working under MAYE but lack academic qualifications to win opportunities due to lack of resources such as college fee to further their studies.

    Proud to have worked with

    Contact Info

    Manyatta Youth Entertainment
    Opposite Administration Police Camp, Dongo Kundu
    Off Lungalunga road, Likoni Sub- county

    Po Box 86523 - 80100,
    Mombasa, Kenya

    Tel: +254 712 747 656 / +254 739 210 695


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